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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Pest control: How to keep Cats/Moles out of your garden!

Most gardeners experience a visit from a Cat or a Mole at some point. There are many products available to rid your garden of these menaces! Click here

For Cats there are 4 main products avaliable. These are "Growing success cat repellent" which consists of small pellets, " Get off Crystals", this product is a gel which you scatter on your garden and "Silent roar" which is also sold in a pellet form. All of these products have odours which cats do not like; this therefore deters them from entering your garden. The final and usually the most succesful cat repellent avaliable is a "Sonic Cat repeller". This uses a battery for energy or an adap
tor from an electricity supply connected to your house. The product sends sonic signals to the area which the cats need to be repelled from.

For Moles you can use a Claw trap or alternatively a product called "Growing success repellent". These are crystals which are dissolved in water then sprayed onto the area. You can also obtain a sonic Mole repellor which works in the same way as the Cat repeller however you can also have a solar powered Mole repeller.