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Saturday, 17 January 2009

How to care for birds in your garden.

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At this time of year food is very important for wild birds as natural supplies are low. There are many ways that you can feed birds and attract them into your garden at this time of year.

Finches, Sparrows, Buntings, Greenfinches, Goldfinches, Robins and Chaffinches are predominantly seed eaters, you can encourage these species into your garden by providing hanging seed feeders or bird tables with plenty of seed resting on. Some also prefer to have seed scattered on the ground for easy access.
There are many blends of seed that are available including sunflower seed, millet, hemp and flaked maize. Some mixtures may contain dried mealworms or fruits for extra nutrition.

Yellowhammers, Reed buntings, Blue tits and Siskins are frequently found eating peanuts. You can hang peanut feeders in trees, poles and from a bird table to provide nutritious food. Peanuts are packed with energy and are rich in oils and proteins, this makes them an ideal food for wild
birds during the winter. Make sure you check your peanuts and
feeders regularly and discard any mould which may appear. Peanuts that have been roasted or salted should not be given to birds.

Plants to attract birds into your garden - Aucuba, Barberry, Budlei- Butterfly bush, Japonica, Clerodendrum, Cotoneaster, Daphne, Euonymus europaeus, Hebe Veronica, Hippophae- Buchthorn, Hypericum-St johns wort, Holly, Mahonia, Prickly heath, Pyracantha- Firehorn, Rhus- Sumach, Snowberry, Lilac and Viburnum.