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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Planting Tips for April

These are our top planting tips for April...

-Time to feed established lawns
-Plant evergreen trees and shrubs and continue to water new trees and shrubs when they become dry
-Trim your shrubs from dead leaves, to keep them healthy and bushy
-Prune early flowering shrubs
-Secure all tall perennials and trees with stakes
-Put slug pellets down to protect young growth and flowers
-Start weeding
-Deadhead Daffodils
-Time to now plant any annual climbers and grasses you have
-It is your last chance to plant summer flowering bulbs and sow Sweet Peas
-Continue planning vegetable plants outdoors

Monday, 30 March 2009

Growing Herbs in Pots

Growing your own herbs is easy and fuss free. They will grow well in patio pots or window boxes potted in multi purpose compost. Herbs such as Mint and Basil can be rotated by bringing them into the kitchen to use them and return them outside to resprout once you have used all the leaves. Fennel makes a beautiful border plant with the Bronze variety is particularly attractive and can bring colour and flavour to your garden. Rosemary and Sage are good to plant near a doorway so that their aroma can be enjoyed when you brush past them. Edible flowers such as Marigolds, Violas and Roses can be grown in the garden and can brighten up a salad.

Our Top Ten Herbs...

*Mint- put with Potatoes, Peas and for making Mint sauce
*Parsley- Great with Fish and the flavour sauces
*Rosemary- Put with Lamb and to flavour soups and stews
*Sage- Great with stuffing and putting with Pork
*Thyme-Gives a great flavour to Fish, Sausages and Stuffing
*Basil- Great with Italian dishes, Spaghetti and Soups
*Chives- Put with Potato, Eggs, Cheese and use in Salads and Omlettes
*Coriander- Tastes great in Curries, Soups and Salads
*Fennel- Garnish Fish
*Oregano- A lovely Italian, Greek and Mexican cooking.

Whitehalls Plant of the Month- Ceanothus

For April Whitehall`s plant of the month is the Ceanothus. These plants are noted for their deep blue flowers and glossy green leaves. They can be grown as a small tree or shrub. They are a popular evergreen plant which flowers from March to September, producing bright blue scented flowers. They like to be planted in an area that is in a sunny position but is protected from the wind. They also enjoy neutral to slightly chalky soil that is free draining. Three varieties that are popular are the Puget Blue, Blue Mound and the Sky Lark. Click here for Ceanothus