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Monday, 11 May 2009

Removing Pond Weeds

Your pond should be cleaned out early to prevent weeds taking over. Blanket weed and Duckweed are two major pond weeds that should be cleaned out. Duckweed is particularly difficult to get rid of if it becomes established. It can be easily be removed using a net and scooping it out of the pond.
Blanket weed is an algae which looks a bit like candy floss. Again it is easily removed, all you need to do is twist it around a garden cane or old broom handle. Once it has been removed leave it at the side of the pond with an end trailing into the pond so that pond creatures can easily go back into the pond. After that it can be added to the compost bin. To reduce the likelihood of these weeds try adding Oxygenating plants to the pond as they help to reduce the growth of algae.

Gardening Tips for May

-Protect your plants from Slugs
-Use water fertiliser on aquatic plants
-Take care of your lawn by feeding, weeding and mowing regularly
-Prune spring flowering shrubs that have finished flowering
-Finish planting evergreen shrubs
-Protect your crops from carrot fly
-Continue sowing vegetable plants
-Plant Dahlias near the end of the month.