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Monday, 6 July 2009

Planning your Holiday Garden

July and August are normally popular months for people to take holidays and with this in mind we have thought of a few pointers to help you prepare your garden for your absence.
- Try to ask a neighbour, friend or family to call into your garden and make sure your plants are watered and fed.
-Mow the lawn before you go and hopefully it wont need another cut until you get back. However do not cut it too close as it will encourage it to grow faster.
- Houseplants can be moved outside while you are on a summer break.
- You can use automatic irrigation systems as they are inexpensive and easy to install.
- Following these simple instructions should ensure that you come back to a healthy, thriving garden and not a jungle!

Gardening Tips for July

- Ensure there is water in your garden for birds and wildlife as it is getting warmer and water is harder for them to find.
- Be careful of your plants being eaten by insects, pests and disease.
- Water bedding plants regularly to avoid them drying out.
- Deadhead flowers as they fade to help encourage new growth.
- Plant autumn flowering bulbs.
- Water vegetables regularly.
- Take cuttings of plants to reproduce.
- Prune wisteria.
- Trim conifers and hedging back for healthy growth and shape.
- Its your last chance to fill borders, beds and baskets with bedding plants for summer colour.