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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Grow your own Potatoes- Planting Guide

Easy Planting- A good time to plant is the first or second week in March. Potatoes can be planted using a large dibber or by making a trench the width of a spade 6-9" deep. Sprinkle with calcified seaweed or Maxicrop fertilizer. Places earlies about 12" between tubers and place main crop about 15" between tubers. The rows should be approximately 2ft apart and gently fill each trench and wait for the new shoots to appear.

Now is the time to earth them up, using the soil between the rows. If the weather looks like its going to be frosty, keep earthing them up and when they are too large, cover them with fibre fleece which should keep two or three degrees of frost off.

Rotation- Potatoes have a fairly wide range of minor pests and one or two major pests. Reasonable rotation of crops in the garden is important to keep the pest numbers down to manageable levels. Pests which do not have access to potatoes have a limited survival time. Ideally the same part of the garden should only be planted with seed potatoes once every 3-4 years because of these diseases.

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