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Monday, 16 March 2009

Houseplant pests and diseases

Types of Pest or Disease...
Aphids (Black, White or Green Fly)
Scale (Little brown "Army hats" found of the veins of leaves)
Thrips (Quick moving jumping black fly found on the top of compost)
Mealy Bug (White cotton wool like fluff)
Red Spider Mite (Very small webs with tiny red spider which can be seen through a magnifying glass)
Vine Weevil (Larvae like maggots in summer found in compost and turn into hard backed black Beatles in the Autumn.
Botrytis (Grey moulding of leaves and stems)
Oedema (Scabbed, split and crinkled leaves)
Due to recent EU regulations many chemicals have become unavailable for common use. However we still have a few products available which can help prevent or cure pests and disease.
Provado Ultimate Bug Killer is avaliable as a ready made spray or as a concentrate, this is highly recommended and will deal with all of the pest listed except Vine Weevil. For Vine Weevil there is a product called Provado Vine Weevil Killer which can be used.

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